Rustic Continental Chest

So this continental (possibly French?) chest has been a bit of a saga – we were persuaded to buy it, somewhat against our better judgement, then it languished in our storage area for about six years! We would look at it periodically and say things like ‘we really should fix that, how hard can it be?’ before ignoring it for another year 😀 I won’t list what was wrong with it, it would be quicker to say what was right – it had lovely bones and vintage credentials, and most of the original pieces were present if not attached! In the process of putting it all back together we discovered that it had been painted both dark and light blue, then white, before being stripped (I’m not sure what they used, nitro glycerine springs to mind!) So I decided to honour it’s past by recreating how it might have looked if nature had been allowed to take it’s course… We think it looks amazing now, I don’t know why it took us so long 😉