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This is a vintage reproduction bureau that was obviously made by a good quality manufacturer. Not only is it very well constructed but the marquetry details are beautifully done. This would have been a very expensive piece to buy when it was new.

We bought this because we loved the unusual shape of the bureau, fully intending to paint it. In our defence it was covered in a thick yellow varnish that was not appealing and doing a good job of hiding some of the finer detailing. After starting to sand the straighter surfaces preparatory to painting, the lovely natural wood and amazing marquetry was revealed, and we realised that covering it up was out of the question! We then began the rather slower process of sympathetically stripping the varnish from the rest of the bureau… It was finished with several coats of neutral wax, to retain as much of it’s natural colour as possible.

This is in excellent condition, no restoration required as it was clearly created to last. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before (and I’ve been doing this for over 25 years now!) It has that look of period elegance, but now that the wood has been stripped it has an almost contemporary feel to it too. I genuinely think it would look stunning in either setting, and it is also very functional – the writing part pulls out to increase the usable space. Working from home would never feel the same again!

Dimensions; Height 92 cm, width 88 cm and depth 35 cm.

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