Double wardrobe by Youngers furniture, painted in Grand Illusion Vintage paint in shutter. Not much more I can say about this really…

Christmas is coming! A small selection of loveliness but there’s a whole lot more in store – I sound like a bad American TV commercial but then I usually go a bit crazy this time of year….

This is actually an instrument of torture masquerading as a chair. I know this because of all the swearing and wailing that occurred as Colin reupholstered it ūüėÄ I think it was worth all the pain though (but then it wasn’t me doing the job!)

Victorian side table. We love the legs on this table, they remind us of industrial plumbing! I painted them in Grand Illusions Vintage paint in Stockholm (a deep Gustavian blue) and finished the top with paint and stain for a weathered look.

Beautiful Biggie Best curtain panels. I actually sold the ones on the ladder before I could put a price on them but if you love them as much as I do, don’t despair as I can order more!

Dad’s army desk. If you are up for crawling around on the shop floor you will see there is a stamp under this desk saying ‘war dept’ and what we think is either a serial number or a date (1952?). I did contemplate going crazy with the colours on this piece and then I remembered we are actually trying to sell it! It’s easy to get carried away with a creative idea and forget that the furniture needs to go with someone’s existing decor…So it was given my favourite weathered look but spiced up with some compass knobs, Captain Mainwaring & co will never get lost again.

Black is back! I haven’t done anything in black for a while now but this petite vintage dresser was in need of some drama. I first painted it a taupe colour but it was just a bit blah, all was not lost though as it made a brilliant contrast to the black. Some industrial chic style numbers and the perfect knobs and she’s all dressed up and ready to go…

Vintage oak students desk with script wallpaper. If you’ve been paying attention you will know that I am very partial to a nice bit of oak and this was (in my opinion) just too nice to paint. The back, however, was another story…Uninspiring ply which was obviously considered the epitome of modern design in the 1930’s, not so much in the 21st century! We covered it in a wallpaper featuring calligraphy script and there is a prize for anyone who can identify the language/s because we sure as hell can’t.

A quick insight into the life of a furniture upcycler…This was part of a bedroom set from the biggest bungalow I have ever seen. The master was so huge this and a matching chest were used as bedsides! The dressing table/desk (which you can see on an earlier post) had to be cut down as it just wouldn’t fit most homes. I painted one of the chests and some matching bedsides as a set (also on a previous post) so that left this one. What do we do with this? It sat in our container for a while waiting until we got inspired. A couple of hundred cups of coffee later (and maybe a few glasses of wine) and this is what we came up with. We think it’s pretty cool but then we would wouldn’t we?

This painted Victorian pine bookcase is showcasing a lovely vintage Hornsea dinner service and some treen wooden bowls, amongst other things. The design is called Concept and I love the way they still look really contemporary.

I’m not sure of the age of this tilt top table, I suspect it may be a marriage of a Georgian base and a newer top. I have given it a subtle wash of grey paint to bring out the grain of the oak top and added a French stencil. I painted the base in Paris Grey and lightly distressed it. This would bring a bit of ooh la la to any home!

Birdcage with bird lights, someone please buy this before I take it home, I need it like I need shooting but I’m so tempted…

A Victorian mahogany chiffonier that we painted in Annie Sloan French Linen and distressed to accentuate the detailing. We kept the original hardware (to be honest it’s been there for over 100 years and it wasn’t going anywhere without a fight) and tried to keep things simple so that the piece can speak for itself.

An old pine (not sure quite how old so I’ll keep it vague) corner cupboard. I think it was originally wall mounted but it also looks good sat on the floor, which is just as well as we don’t have any walls straight enough in the shop to hang it! It has been painted in a wash of Grand Illusions Vintage paint in Zinc.

A neat little two drawer chest painted in Grand Illusions Vintage paint in Zinc and whitewashed. I sprayed the original handles white and chrome and added the stencil of a bird for a bit of added interest (and because I love anything with a bird on it!) A perfect size for the end of a bed or anywhere with limited space.

A Victorian satinwood chest of drawers with original castors and handles. This was painted in Annie Sloan French Linen and layered with Paris Grey and Old White for a chippy weathered look. Not just great for storing your woolies, I could see this in a bathroom or hall full of linen and towels, or a dining room, in fact pretty much anywhere!

Recycled vintage filing cabinet. This started life as part of an early C20th desk, we added vintage castors and cup handles and painted it in Grand Illusions Vintage paint in Stockholm. It would make a great bedside cabinet as well, I could even see it in a kitchen or bathroom for some cool extra storage.

The last of the armoires! We bought a set of four of these at auction, we didn’t have to fight too hard for them as everyone else obviously took one look and decided they were too much work. I’m not going to lie, they are eye wateringly heavy and take some painting but they were worth the effort in the end. This one has a bureau as well as shelves and a cupboard so is the heaviest of all and will be delivered if I don’t collapse first Monday evening….

This early C20th chest and matching bedsides were painted in Grand Illusions Vintage paint in a mixture of colours and then stencilled with an allium . I kept the original handles but painted them white. They also sold on Saturday but I wanted to keep a record as too many pieces are sold before we get around to taking pictures (not always because they sell straight away unfortunately we’re just not very efficient!)

Now you see it, now you don’t…Put this in the shop on Friday evening and sold it on Saturday afternoon! It is a bit gorgeous (in my totally unbiased opinion) and mostly the result of a lot of hard work and skill by Colin. So it’s back to the drawing board to come up with a replacement now.

An early C20th dressing table painted in Paris Grey. Some furniture needs a little help and some pieces are intrinsically lovely and just need their natural good looks enhanced. This was one of the latter, no need to gild a lily…

Matching tallboy/wardrobe and chest of drawers. Beautiful birds, bling knobs and cool grey and white paint work. These have now sold but we love them so much we’re posting them for posterity!

This buffet sideboard is more substantial than it looks and I have the bruises to prove it. I slipped on the shop steps while bringing it in and it ended up on top of me! I call it extreme retailing. It was supposed to be cherry wood but is obviously granite with a cherry veneer. I have painted it in three shades of grey (not fifty, totally unnecessary) paint and whitewashed it for a French country look. It is laden with more Biggie Best loveliness from our recent order.

A lovely oak cabinet that has a shaker look to it. We sanded it and diluted Paris Grey paint to create a wash so that the wood grain shows through, the drawers were washed with white paint as a contrast. You can also see a selection of our new stock, much of it from Biggie Best.

This early C20th desk started out nearly twice the size but since most of our customers don’t live in a stately home we decided to reduce it to more compact dimensions! It has been painted in Annie Sloan French Linen and the drawers have been decoupaged with a vintage map. A statement piece for any home.

This boring beech filing cabinet was painted in a mix of Annie Sloan French Linen on the outer and Grand Illusions Vintage paint on the drawers. Perfect for a funky office space or anywhere really…

French style three drawer armoire. This is a very good quality reproduction piece of solid construction (that is a euphemism for eye wateringly heavy but it is very well made!) This was painted in Grand Illusions Vintage Paint in Shutter with a contrasting interior in Pastille. It is one of four we picked up, because we like a challenge. This one sold in a day but there is another identical one on its way. We also have a variation with a bureau in the shop window, I don’t even want to think about how much it hurt getting it there but it’s a beauty.


From plain pine to perfectly painted and papered desk. This one was vintage 1990’s pine but after some Hurricane Grand Illusions Vintage Paint and Arthouse wallpaper it was transformed into 21st century cool. We moved it into the shop on Thursday and it sold on Saturday! As did the vintage collector’s drawers on top. Happy days…


A pretty little early 20th century two drawer oak veneer chest. I painted this in Antique White emulsion and added a lovely stencilled frieze of vines and birds of paradise in grey. You can also see a vintage oval mirror painted white with stencilled grey roses and an awful lot of candlesticks, but then as far as I’m concerned you can never have too many…(my house is a fire department inspector’s nightmare).


The details on this table are delicious! I’m not sure how old it is, probably not as old as it looks, maybe early 20th century. I wanted it to look as though it had been sitting in a French manoir for centuries. It has layers of grey and white and lime wax and some of the wood showing to give it a weathered look. Perfect for pretending you picked it up in a little brocante in Provence!


A lovely French style buffet sideboard. I painted this in Annie Sloan French Linen and then a top coat of Antique White emulsion so it is predominantly white with a hint of grey, then it was lightly distressed and waxed.This is a really well made, substantial sideboard from Younger’s, the range has some name like Phillippe de Fontanelle or Louis de Bouffe (I’ve forgotten but I think there’s a label somewhere!) Anyway it was obviously designed to look very sophisticated and French.


Finally got a picture of the front of the Victorian chair, see what I mean about the carved details?


This Victorian chest of drawers has been given the ‘lace’ treatment on the front of the drawers. The base colour is Annie Sloan duck egg and the lace design is in white. I guess this is a marmite piece – you either love it or you hate it! I think it looks amazing and fortunately a lot of people seem to agree with me. One thing that is in no doubt is that it is absolutely unique and will probably remain so as I rarely do the same design twice!

This is a reproduction Regency serpentine style console/side table that I have painted in Annie Sloan Country Grey (a super versatile colour that goes with nearly every other colour on the planet). I added some contemporary clock knobs just to mix it up a bit as I’m a big fan of the eclectic look. The lines of this piece are just lovely and would compliment¬† any interior.

You can also see the back of a painted Victorian chair which has been reupholstered with Prestigious’ Berkeley Square fabric. Pity you can’t see the front as the carving is fabulous! I’ve distressed the chair quite heavily to highlight this. I love this mix of old and new, not least because it means that antiques can sit comfortably with contemporary furniture.


More from the London hotel chain, this time a desk/side table. I think it almost has an oriental look about it. I painted it in Annie Sloan Country Grey for no particular reason other than its one of those colours that blends with anything so you could put this anywhere in the house. I added a vintage handle which seemed to suit it better than any of the contemporary knobs I tried.


This oak dresser also dates from the 1920/30’s but the design echoes back to the Georgian Pot Cupboard. It was painted in Annie Sloan French Linen (I tend to get a bit obsessed with certain colours and finishes and this paint is definitely one of those colours!). It has been lightly distressed and waxed to give it a durable finish and I added the clock knobs to give it a bit of a contemporary twist. This really has the wow factor, I know this because our customers are giving it a lot of love at the moment!


This started out life as an early C20th oak veneer bureau/bookcase but through the magic of paper and paint has become a unique designer (well designed by me) statement piece! It was painted in Annie Sloan French Linen which tones beautifully with the contemporary wallpaper by Arthouse, it also has new ceramic knobs. What’s not to love?


An early 20th century mahogany veneer tallboy, painted white and distressed. This has lovely detailing on the doors and provides really versatile storage. It’s the kind of piece that I can see suiting so many rooms, obviously bedrooms and bathrooms spring to mind but it would also look great in a hall or landing, or how about storing china and linen in a dining area? You can pack a lot of stuff into this without taking up too much room space.

Either side of it are shelving units. One is a little vintage corner unit which is meant to be wall hanging but looks quite cute sat on the floor, painted in a mix of greys and whites. The other is a waterfall style pine shelf that has been painted a mid grey then whitewashed (I know I just can’t help myself at the moment Рeverything looks so good with this finish Рif you stood around my workshop for any length of time you’d probably get the same treatment!)


Painted bedside table, part of the set of furniture that came from the prestigious hotel chain. Hopefully we will be able to pick up a few more pieces as they are really good quality and look great painted. I used a mid grey for the body of the table and whitewashed the drawer, you may be noticing a bit of a theme going on here but I am really in love with this look at the moment…

You can also see part of a lovely vintage ladder that I stripped (I think it was previously owned by a Rastafarian as it was green and orange) and you guessed it  Рwhitewashed! These type of ladders are everywhere at the moment but this one is unique and I have the blisters to prove it.

On the other side is a vintage sewing machine table (complete with sewing machine). I actually got it working but unfortunately didn’t realise you have to remove the belt before putting it away, so a new one is needed to get it running again – oops. I painted it in Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint and surprise, surprise, distressed it with some Old White. In my defence it really suits the piece…


A pair of vintage retro kitchen chairs, painted in a custom mix grey paint to match the chickens on the reupholstered seats. The background colour is a pale duck egg blue. I can see these in a country cottage kitchen but then they would look cool in a contemporary setting too. A must for chicken lovers everywhere!


This is a very well made reproduction regency style mahogany sideboard. Not one of those flimsy ones they mass produced in the 80’s.

I decided to give this a contemporary twist by painting the body in Annie Sloan country grey and doing an ombre effect on the drawers. After trying a selection of knobs and handles I realised that the original ones suited it best so I painted them too!


It goes without saying that I like all the furniture that we do but I absolutely LOVE this Arts & Crafts oak chest of drawers.

I have always liked the simple lines and pleasing proportions of the furniture, also I’m a huge fan of oak which was commonly used.

We sanded this beauty and stained and waxed it to bring out the grain of the wood. I gave the drawers a light wash of grey paint, then sanded and waxed them to give it a rustic look. The icing on the cake was the addition of the hare knobs which, while being very contemporary, are still in keeping with the Arts & Crafts movement towards nature.

I am very reluctant to sell this at all so it needs to go to a good home where it will be loved and cherished!


This chest of drawers originally came from a prestigious hotel chain and has one deep drawer at the bottom. It runs so smoothly you could close it with one finger!

I’m still in love with that weathered rustic/industrial chic look so I painted it first in a custom mix grey chalk paint and then finished it with Old White chalk paint and wax.

This one definitely combines a traditional look with modern convenience.


Pair of old pine bedside cabinets

These bedside cabinets have been fully restored, sanded and waxed and the knobs have been painted and aged.


This early 20th century oak corner cupboard has been painted in a custom mix of Annie Sloan chalk paint and then given a wash of Old White to give it that weathered look. The inside of the top has been stencilled with a stylish allium design in Old White.

This unique piece would look lovely in any room.


An impressive bookcase/dresser made by the quality manufacturer Bevan Funnell.

This has been painted in Annie Sloan Country Grey chalk paint and finished with neutral wax to protect it. The top and drawers have been sanded back to the original oak and sealed with dark oak wax to enhance the patina.

This is a very substantial piece with lots of storage.


Early 20th century mahogany bureau.

This useful bureau ideal for storing your laptop and paperwork has been custom painted in shades of grey and white. We sanded one drawer and waxed it with dark oak wax to retain some of the original wood. It has been sealed with neutral wax to protect the paint.

The interior has been restored to its original finish and the leather scriver is in good condition.

This piece combines tradition with contemporary style perfectly.


Weathered oak table and two painted chairs.

This rustic oak table has been whitewashed to highlight its incredible character. It would look fabulous in any setting from kitchen to conservatory. Perfect for small spaces and would compliment shabby chic, industrial chic or rough luxe interiors.

The pine chairs have been painted in Annie Sloan Pure white chalk paint and waxed twice for protection. The seats have been covered in black and white gingham and stencilled with a French style motif featuring a chicken.

Both the table and chairs are one-off originals.

Table £Sold  Chairs £Sold each or £Sold for the pair

Painted pine dresser.

This compact dresser has been painted in Annie Sloan Paris Grey chalk paint, lightly distressed and finished with neutral wax to protect it. The interior has been painted with Old White chalk paint for contrast. Finally we added knobs with numbers to give it a contemporary edge.

Perfect for smaller kitchens and dining areas, you get a lot of storage without taking up too much space. It would suit any interior from cottage to modern.


Mid century chest.

This mid century chest by Remploy has been given a 21st century makeover in shades of weathered grey. One drawer has been sanded and polished in dark wax as a reminder of its original finish. We retained the original drawer pulls and sprayed them grey to match.

It would make a great sideboard or hall piece as well as being perfect  storage in a retro bedroom.


An early 20th century oak corner cupboard that has been lime waxed to enhance the patina of the oak and give it that slightly weathered look.
I have replaced the handles with crystal knobs.
This is a beautiful original piece that would look lovely in a bathroom, bedroom or hallway.
It is very solid (it does not separate into two units) and well made and provides great storage.

Dimensions: Height 176cm, Width 68cm, Depth 45cm.


This bureau has been decoupaged with a vintage map of France and painted with Annie Sloan Chateau Grey chalk paint, which has a green tinge that co-ordinates with the details on the map.
It has been finished with wax and several coats of varnish on the map to protect it. The interior is in good condition, the original leather sciver looks almost new.
This not only looks fantastic but is also a very versatile piece of furniture that can be used to store a laptop.
This is a one-off item that would look great in a traditional or contemporary setting.

Dimensions: Width 78cm, Height 101cm, depth 45cm.


This is an early 20th century reproduction Regency sideboard
and therefore more solid and well made than some later copies.
I’m getting a lot of inspiration from the current ‘industrial chic’ trend so I thought I would give it a more contemporary edge.
I have painted it in Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint and
added stripes in Annie Sloan Pure white with numbers on the doors and drawer.
It was then waxed twice to protect the finish. I also resprayed the original handles in chrome and distressed them a little.
This sideboard is low enough to be used as a desk as well and would make a stylish and original feature in a traditional or modern setting.

Dimensions: Width 122cm, Height 84cm, Depth 58cm.


An early 20th century oak veneer wardrobe, painted in Annie Sloan Paris Grey chalk paint.

This petite wardrobe has been painted and stencilled with a bird motif and finally waxed twice for durability.

The interior still has the original shelves labelled shirts etc and a hanging rail that takes a full size hanger (which is unusual for this type of wardrobe).

This lovely, unique wardrobe would be perfect for a guest or cottage bedroom and is ideal for a little girl’s room.