This table was given to us (thanks Sue!) and was covered in paint but not in a good way 😀  After some severe sanding it came out like this and we liked it, so I painted a stripe in graphite on the top to tie in the effect. Sometimes that’s how it goes with furniture refinishing, it tells you what to do. Just call me the furniture whisperer…

When we picked this up from the auction someone (who left a bid on it) nearly wept when I told him I would be painting it, I didn’t have the nerve to tell him I would also be adding a heart to it! In my defence it was vintage rather than antique and VERY plain. In my experience the people who hate to see wood painted rarely buy anything anyway, I’m guessing they already have houses full of quality furniture and just don’t need anymore. I’ve lost count of the pieces I tried selling ‘as is’ only to have to take them away and paint them before I could sell them. For those that aren’t a fan, should it ever go out of fashion furniture restorers can make a killing stripping it all back again. There endeth the thoughts of chairman Gerry 😀

This pretty desk was already painted a creamy white when we bought it. Curiously I recognised it straight away because I sold it about 10 years ago! I’m happy to say that, despite it being very well used, it had stood the test of time. After a quick clean up, a coat of Laura Ashley pale cobalt (letting some of the original colour show through) and adding two new knobs, it’s as good as new.

More weathered loveliness. This time it’s a pine sideboard that has been given the layered look and distressed. I’ll be doing this technique in my sleep soon…

French style buffet. I LOVE the lines of this sideboard. It has been treated to my favourite multi layered/washed finish in shades of grey (I will resist the obvious joke this time). Fashions come and go but this elegant style of furniture never seems to date. I also love the chairs either side, it would look so cool if you had the space….

Unusual early 20th Century pot cupboard. This cute little cupboard can also be used as an occasional table. I have only seen a few like it in the 20 odd years I’ve been in business. I sanded and waxed the top and drawer and painted the rest in Annie Sloan graphite because I’m loving the wood/black combination that is so fashionable at the moment.

Painted early 20th century dresser. We’ve had quite a few of these Old Charm style dressers and I rarely repeat myself so I’ve gone all rustic with this one. I even used dark wax on it which I find a bit of a challenge as I’m a control freak and spend hours trying to create an even finish 😀

Chests ‘R’ Us. Another lovely mid century chest of drawers to add to the impressive collection available at the Courtyard at No 6. This one has been washed in grey, limewaxed and then clear waxed so you can still see the patina and wood grain. 

This lovely tray was originally a table top I rescued from someone’s wood pile – a few more months and it would have been kindling! Amazing what a bit of TLC can do…

Having given a sneak preview of this lovely original artwork by Jane Still, we thought we’d do it justice with a proper shot!

Victorian print of an angel and child. I’ve had this for quite a while as I fell in love with the image but never found a home for it. I’ve also had the frame for ages after the mirror broke and never thought to put the two together. A marriage made in heaven I think!

Filing cabinet/chest of drawers. This was inspired by something I saw online and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. If you like it you should be happy we’re charging less than half the price! Actually if you can believe the marketing it was originally three times the price but I suspect it was only for sale at that price for about a day in outer Mongolia before they reduced it 😀 Maybe we’re missing a trick with our pricing?!

Upcycled blackboard/display drawer (try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine, better still try typing it). Every home should have one….

If it ain’t birds it’s bunnies or horses. Actually there is also a fox and a cushion with a raccoon on it in the shop at the moment, I’m branching out…

Birdie heart, or do I mean hearty bird? Either way I like…Also the top of a beautiful original picture by our resident artist Jane Still.

Vintage chest of drawers. Mid century modern gorgeousness, I love the lines of this. Recognise the parrots? They get around a bit!

More tea Vicar? Vintage tea trolley, complete with vintage tea service and some lovely vintage glasses (perfect for a drop of sherry, if the tea just isn’t cutting it).

Desk/side table in my favourite weathered finish. I can’t think of much more to say, which will probably come as a relief to anyone who actually reads these posts…:)

One day I’ll fly away…Candi Staton I think, I seem to have a lot of song lyrics on my mind today, actually I usually do and sing them over and over until someone begs me to stop. I bet you really wanted to know that! One of four Edwardian chairs reupholstered in a lovely Sanderson fabric featuring swallows.

Regency style table. This is one of those incredibly useful tables that can, when fully extended, seat eight people but with the centre leaf removed and the sides down takes up minimal space. Ideal for people that have limited room but like to throw the odd dinner party! It has the added bonus of looking rather good too…

This Stag chest matches the dressing table we posted earlier. Super cute and super cool (in my totally unbiased opinion).

I took just one look at you, that’s all I had to do (name that song competition). As soon as I saw this table I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and even better, it’s turned out just how I pictured it. I’d like to pretend this happens all the time but there are too many things sitting around the workshop to get away with it. While every man and his dog seems to be painting furniture these days you feel you need to do something different. However not every piece needs decorating to within an inch of its life. Oh the dilemma. Not to mention the things that don’t end up looking quite how you imagined….I’ll stop rambling now, promise!

Mixed media chair. I came over all arty when reupholstering this chair (or at least that’s what I like to think, you may think otherwise :D) The cushion looks so right with it that I’m including it for free!

Revamped Stag dressing table. More than just a makeover this 1970′s design classic has been given some glamour! It’s now in the shop window so check it out if you’re passing….

And then there were two. Originally part of a set of eight chairs, these are both sturdy and stylish. While I would never imply our customers have anything but the daintiest of posteriors, these could accommodate a fairly weighty one (maybe for big guests?)

Upcycled hooks. Sometimes despite our best efforts an item of furniture defeats us. Not long after the leg fell off this Victorian chair we had to accept that it wasn’t ever going to be safe to sit on again! Cue some lateral thinking because it was far too pretty to throw away and da dah we have some lovely wall hooks.

Georgian chair. We painted this in my favourite weathered finish and reupholstered it in a gorgeous designer toile. 

Painted Victorian pine chest of drawers. For some reason we acquired this although it didn’t have a top or any feet, I sometimes have to wonder about our sanity (well most of the time really) Anyway after adding some reclaimed pine planks, bun feet and a wash of grey paint, it has been restored to its former rather rustic glory.

Edwardian table. Lovely shape and lovely carving, I’m not sure now what colour I painted it but if I was a betting woman I’d go for French Linen. We sanded,  stained and waxed the rest. It’s almost big enough to eat off as long as you have a small appetite!

Early 20th century tallboy (the one that matches the chest in case you hadn’t noticed 🙂 Complete with funky chicken and frames.

Art and Crafts chiffonier. I love these because you not only get great storage but also a huge mirror all in one. If, like me, you live in a house that is both compact and also needs all the light it can get, it just doesn’t get any better. I also love Arts and Crafts design, simple lines with just enough decoration to keep it interesting and it’s always a joy to paint (wood purists look away now 😉

Edwardian painted bureau with ball and claw feet. This has been given the weathered grey paint treatment that I love so well and has a really Scandi chic feel. I could of painted it lime green just for a change but I don’t think it would have done it justice and I’d be lucky if it sold before 2020!

Mid century cupboard. I painted this in a greeny/grey and stained parts of the drawers and doors to keep the retro look, perfect for cool pads everywhere.

Vintage map chest. I think this speaks for itself, I can only add that the map is of the New Forest.

‘Tin tile’ cabinets. We painted these in a sort of zinc effect (despite reading a few hundred tutorials I’m still not sure if this is how it’s supposed to look but I like it) and added some samples of faux tin tiles that came from the USA. I don’t know why these (and many, many other interesting products) aren’t available here, or if they are, they cost about 10 times as much, maybe I should write to my MP? I’ll get off my soap box now…

This is a super sturdy chest of drawers, my knees buckle every time we move it, mind you I’m not getting any younger…. However because it, unlike me, is not old we didn’t have to spend hours trying to get the drawers to run smoothly, happy days. I’ve given it a rustic makeover with a very subtle cowslip design which I’m pretty pleased with even if I say so myself!

Things that make me go ooohhh! I love this chest and the matching tallboy and I love the display on top, if I was running a museum instead of a shop they would become a permanent fixture but we have to eat….

I love parrots, birds in general, horses, rabbits….In fact my house is like a flipping zoo. It does tend to affect my buying decisions so let’s hope I’m not alone or I may have to start opening to the public!

Petite early 20th century bureau painted in Nordic blue and stencilled with some random numbers. This is the kind of thing I see on cool online sites all the time (I spend a lot of time ‘researching’ I’m a martyr for my job 😉  the main difference being that ours costs a fraction of the price, oh and it isn’t mass produced. So basically you are getting unique design for a bargain price, what’s not to love?

I think these cabinets have an oriental look about them, or is that just me? Although they were probably intended to be bedsides, they would also make great lamp tables.

Everyone needs a horses head in their lives (unless you are a member of the mafia). I should know I have two already and if someone doesn’t buy this soon it may become a trio…

Buy buy buy the funky chicken (my homage to the Goodies hit from the seventies, apologies to those too young to remember it and those who aren’t but would rather forget it)

This super slim bookcase is perfect for hiding away your Mills and Boon collection or not so cool dvds, leaving your open shelves free for those intellectual books and films that have never been opened!

Early 20th century bookcase.

I loved the tongue and groove panelling on the back of this so Colin painstakingly sanded and waxed every board. What a hero!

Ampersand cupboard.

This actually matches the tall chest of drawers (with the numbers) we posted previously, hence the ampersand….

Funky filing cabinet.

I really must stop posting these late at night after a few glasses of wine. I think the picture speaks for itself, if it doesn’t then I suggest you pop into The Courtyard at No 6 and check it out. Hopefully whoever is in the shop will be making more sense than I am!

Competition – how many uses can you find for this cupboard?

This started out as an early 20th century oak wardrobe however, as is often the case, it wasn’t a standard depth (did they have narrower clothes back in the day or what?) So we added some shelves but kept the original hanger and hooks just in case. The outside is painted in white and grey but the interior is old violet, I even went the extra mile and added some birds inside the doors. I can see this in a kitchen or dining room for crockery, a hall for coats and shoes, a landing for linen, a bathroom for toiletries and towels or even (revolutionary idea) a bedroom for clothes. Entries on a postcard if you can think of any more.

Run rabbit, run

Super cute two drawer Lebus chest. I painted this white, then added some bunnies and crystal knobs because it seemed like a good idea at the time. While it would look lovely in a child’s bedroom personally I’d put it anywhere but then I’m a sucker for a stylish bunny…

You’ll never lose your pants again…

Pick a number, any number – maybe pants in No 1, socks in No 2, need I go on?

Dreamy dresser.

This early 20th century dresser has been painted white and distressed to highlight all the details. The oak top was lime waxed and we added some bird knobs and mother of pearl handles just to complete that shanty chic look (no I’m not sure what that means either but I just saw it on a similar piece on a very upmarket website so if it’s good enough for them…)

Bjorn Again

These filing/bedside cabinets have been reinvented Abba style with a vintage map of Sweden and some Gustavian inspired pale blue paint. Voulez vous?

Here comes another one a bit like the other one…

Just when I thought I was finished posting for the night I find one more. This compact cupboard matches the chest of drawers and also has very cool original handles. Can I go to bed now?

I’m too tired to think of a snappy title…

It’s been a long day so I’ll keep it brief! This is a modern oak veneer chest which means the drawers run smoother than George Clooney. It has had a gunmetal grey/whitewashed treatment and we kept the original handles because we like them, I think they have a military look to them.

Spot the table…

According to my photographer there is too much, and I quote, ‘rubbish’ on this table to get a good shot! I think he really meant quality merchandise, beautifully arranged by yours truly. This is a very substantial (my favourite euphemism for eye wateringly heavy) rustic oak refectory table that has a lovely weathered patina, and a pine bench that has been given the same treatment. If your mealtimes are like a war zone I can guarantee these could withstand any kind of attack…

Pack up your troubles in this old tin trunk and smile, smile, smile…

A vintage tin trunk that I painted in French linen and old white (I also painted the interior in old violet, what a rebel). I added the ‘atelier’ which is French for a workshop of the arty variety for no particular reason other than I wish I worked in an arty Parisian workshop. Somehow I don’t think our unit in Maids Moreton has quite the same panache!

Painted and decoupaged Edwardian dressing table.

This was painted in grey (I know, how unusual, you’re thinking) but this time we added anaglypta wallpaper to the drawers to mirror the lovely carving under the mirror. You can just see it through the plethora of frames, birds and tealight holders! I then painstakingly (and I mean that) highlighted all the raised details on the paper in white to accentuate them. Worth the effort I think?

Didn’t she do well…

I’m not going to lie this was a challenge, it certainly wasn’t going to win any beauty contests when we got it. On the plus side someone had lovingly crafted this from chipboard and repainted it a number of times so they must have liked it! Since I never give up on a piece of furniture unless it gives up on me, I decided to go with the layered look and many shades of paint later – voila. I think it would make a lovely potting station or maybe a conservatory piece so I dressed it with garden accessories.

Pretty painted pine dresser.

This was painted in Old White and Paris Grey (just for a change but hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it as they say!) I added some letters for all you latin students out there and some birdy knobs just because I can. Enjoy!

Monarch of the hall….

For those of you under a certain age that’s a reference to a famous painting called Monarch of the Glen, prints of which were ubiquitous in the 70’s, I think it may be due for a revival! This hall seat has been painted in French Linen and reupholstered in a fabulous fabric, just add a chunky crystal knob and you have a thing of great beauty IMHO.

We are chinese if you please…Actually it isn’t, I believe it’s known as chinoiserie and it is hard to date as we have been producing these chinese style cabinets for centuries. If I had to guess I would say mid century. It has been painted in Grand Illusions noir to accentuate the panels and has tray style drawers inside, which are rather unusual. Anyone fancy going oriental? Mine’s a number 27 thanks 😉

Oh la la – this set of four chairs look like they have come straight out of a French chateau but are actually Victorian and apparently came from somewhere rather grimy as I spent more time cleaning them than painting them! After much scrubbing they were painted in old white and paris grey, vigorously distressed to show off all that yummy carving, waxed and finally reupholstered in gorgeous toile. Et voila!

Is this the most romantic Valentine’s present ever?

This dressing table was in the shop window and a lovely man bought it as a Valentine’s gift for his girlfriend. All you men out there take note… especially the ones whose wives drag them into the shop, so excited about some piece of furniture, only to be told by her grumpy spouse ‘I don’t like it’. You know who you are and if you love her does it really matter?

The one that got away –

Put this in the shop on Friday night, it was reserved by lunchtime Saturday and collected by 3pm! In the meantime we had customers gnashing their teeth because they hadn’t got there first…I always have slightly mixed feelings when this happens; relieved because we can afford to eat that week, gratified that people appreciated and liked the finished piece as much as we did but also a bit sad that we couldn’t keep it a little longer. Especially when I was reorganising the shop until 11pm the night before, oh the joys of retailing!

Mid century modern bureau. After sanding off the varnish we decided to restore this by using neutral wax and leaving it well alone! I did spray the original knobs in grey though.

A pair of painted and reupholstered Edwardian chairs. Painted white and distressed to show off those lovely carved details and recovered in a cool Ikea fabric.

Early 20th century two drawer chest. This has a matching dressing table currently in the shop window. They have been painted in a deep french grey and the drawers are silver with a paisley design in the same grey (I’m loving this stencil at the moment). The original drop handles have had the chrome treatment to funky them up a bit. Gorgeous – even if I say so myself!

Indian style table/desk. I painted this table white, distressed it and then highlighted certain areas with dark wax. Finally I stencilled a paisley design on the top with dark wax. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Trust me – it isn’t and a fair bit of bad language may have been involved…

Retro style chair. This contemporary beech chair has been decoupaged with a distressed wood effect paper because we like to mess with your mind!

Script two drawer chest. This has been painted in antique white and decoupaged with an antique style script paper, the original handles have been sprayed with white and chrome and distressed. Perfect for adding some chateau chic…

Early C20th oak dresser painted in French Linen. It was described as ‘Old Charm style’ when we bought it but in my experience an awful lot of dressers around this period looked like this, so the question is who was copying who? Answers on a postcard please…Anyway lots of storage,  somewhere to display your best china and funky clock knobs, it’s all good.

This pine monks bench has been painted in Paris Grey and lightly distressed before waxing. These are always popular as they combine useful storage with some extra seating and can fit into surprisingly small spaces. Oh and a few lovely Biggie Best cushions…

Reproduction mahogany veneer desk that has been given a makeover with white and grey washed paint and an eclectic selection of handles. Sold – I really must try to post these a bit quicker!

A mid century modern bureau. This was made in England when furniture was still rationed in the early 1950s. The original Utility furniture made after the war was so plain that eventually people began to complain at the lack of style and choice, so they started to employ designers who copied the popular Scandinavian styles. There ends today’s history lesson! I love the lines of this bureau and the light oak finish, which we sanded and waxed, and so did one of our customers as it has now sold.

This Victorian chest has been painted in a custom mix of grey and white and the drawers have been decoupaged in a bird and flower design, varnished and distressed. Last but not least we added crystal knobs and then covered it in gifts and reindeer, at this time of year anything that stands still for more than 10 minutes in the shop gets the same treatment, so beware!