Victorian Breakfast Table

Happy new year! I know it’s a bit late, but it’s taken a while to kick start ourselves after an extended break. We didn’t abandoned the workshop entirely though so brace yourselves, because we have some new stock at last 🙂 This Victorian mahogany veneer breakfast table had seen better days if I’m honest, so restoring it to it’s original grandeur wasn’t going to be an option. We decided to give it a new more rustic persona, which involved a lot of sanding, and many layers of paint. I think it has an almost French country/Gustavian look about it now, but that might just be because my brain has been addled by paint fumes 😉

Grey Washed Sideboard

A rustic weathered sideboard with an identity problem, it thinks it’s a European antique, but I suspect it is actually from India or the Far East 😀 The wood is definitely hardwood and it is certainly a very solid piece! I have given it a shaded grey and white makeover, and added a mix of delicately carved knobs and rustic handles just to add to the confusion. I like to mix things up a bit…

William Morris Bergere Sofa

Antiquechic furniture rescue is back in action 😉 For some reason no one else wanted this amazing vintage bergere sofa, and I couldn’t let it end up in landfill! I have washed all the removable covers and steam cleaned the rest of the upholstery. We also sanded back the arms and waxed them. It has some sun damage (fading) to the beautiful, original William Morris fabric, but I think that adds to it’s charm. There are also two very small holes in the rattan, which I didn’t even notice when we bought it, all shown in the more detailed product pictures in our shop. Considering it’s age it is in remarkable condition, and I have thoroughly road tested it, so I can can confirm it’s still very comfortable 😀 Also how good do these Biggie Best cushions look? They could have been made for it!

Monkey Business

This classic Lebus vintage chest of drawers has been decoupaged (or should that be upholstered?) in a fabric featuring foliage and monkeys, because who doesn’t need some of that in their lives? We are loving the original handles too!

Coffee Sack Pantry Cupboard

And now for something completely different… (Monty Python reference for those too young to remember) 😀 I know I am always banging on about how unique our pieces are, but this really is one of a kind. Originally an early 20th century wardrobe, I decided to re-purpose it into a pantry style cupboard. We used a coffee sack to decoupage one of the doors, and added numbers and rustic iron hardware to the drawers. The inside of the doors are painted in blackboard paint and there is additional shelving. I could see this working in a conservatory or potting shed, as well as a kitchen or utility, or even as toy storage – anywhere in need of a bit of rustic loveliness, and a lot of storage in fact 🙂

Transformed Table and Chairs

Another customer commission that we couldn’t resist photographing before it left the workshop, or at least as much of it as we could fit in the picture! This was a rather uninspiring but large (it has five leaves in total) reproduction Regency table, but the chairs were full of potential – all eight of them! Fortunately our customer had a vision of how lovely they could look, and even better we were able to deliver 🙂 Happy days.

Multi Drawer Coffee Table

This multi drawer coffee table/chest definitely is for sale 🙂 We have something very similar at chateau Gerry, but it doesn’t look as good as this one. What is that saying about the cobbler’s children not having any shoes? It’s a bit obscure, but I *think* it might be appropriate 😀 We use ours for the TV, it’s just the right height, and store all that stuff that you never use, but can’t bring yourself to throw out, in the chest at the back!

Rustic Chest

Sorry folks this one is not for sale. This ‘Old Charm’ chest makeover was a customer commission, but we were so pleased with the end result we had to take a picture for posterity 🙂