Paisley Patterned Chest of Drawers

So my inspiration for this charming vintage chest of drawers was very much the lovely spring weather, as I worked outside the workshop in the sunshine. As I type this a blizzard is blowing past the window and I can’t feel my feet… Have faith folks, summer is coming 😀

Commission Bedsides

The commissioned matching bedsides, taken before they were delivered back to the customer. Incidentally how fabulous is this curtain we used as a backdrop?! I love the way the castle is framed by the bedside – entirely deliberate of course 😉

Commission Chest of Drawers

Here’s one we did earlier… Not for sale I’m afraid, this impressive chest of drawers were a commission, alongside some matching bedsides. We thought we’d take some photos for posterity 🙂

Rustic Occasional Table

When steampunk meets classical Roman, with a bit of vintage rustic character thrown in for good measure. I’m not quite sure where I thought I was going with this table, it kind of evolved as I went along, but I’m very happy with where it ended up 😀

Vintage Oak Cupboard

When is a chest of drawers not a chest of drawers? When it’s a cupboard of course! 😉 This vintage oak cabinet has been cunningly disguised with faux drawers on the door. I have been speculating that it contained treasure and this was a cunning ploy to fool prospective thieves, sadly there was none left when we acquired it though, so maybe not so cunning after all… 😀

Gold and Green Sideboard

After working on a number of commissions lately, we finally got around to finishing some of our own pieces.. and what better way to start than with this stunner of a sideboard? We gave her a total makeover and think she is looking pretty glamorous now 🙂

Victorian Chairs

Victorian chairs with a mid century twist. When it came to upholstering these classic chairs I found this fabulous vintage fabric and fell in love. It’s good to mix things up sometimes, because no one wants to be predictable, right? 😉

Antiqued Victorian Sideboard

To celebrate this Victorian sideboards long history we  decoupaged the doors with layers of wallpaper, designed to look rather like the walls of old houses, as the paper peels away to reveal the one below it.  We used samples of Clarke and Clarke wallpaper to achieve this effect. It has been sanded and painted with several shades of neutral and green paint, the overall colour is closest to a sage green. The doors were finished with varnish and the paintwork has had several coats of clear wax.