Dragonfly Dressing Chest

A ‘campaign’ style chest with a hidden dressing table area. This very substantial chest (Antiquechic regulars will know exactly what I mean by that!) has been given the most amazing makeover, pretty much every inch of it has been decoupaged (or the visible bits anyway) in either this beautiful dragonfly wallpaper, or a vintage damask inside. It was a very ambitious project and there may have been some tears along the way (and that was just Colin) but look at it now! It was worth all the pain – I can say that because I only did a bit of painting and chose the vintage handles, all the painstaking decoupage was down to Colin 😉

Edwardian Chairs

A pair of matching Edwardian armchairs, which are a more unusual find than you might think, in my experience. The carved frames have been painted in a deep grey/brown shade that I mixed to contrast with the design on the lovely Romo designer fabric that we chose to reupholster them in. I think these look good enough to grace a stately home but if you don’t happen to have one of those, I think they would look pretty classy wherever they go… 😀

Mahogany Beetle Bureau

Mahogony Beetle Bureau

Vintage mahogany veneer bureau. Having painstakingly sanded and restored the wood on this bureau we decided to ‘go light’ for a change. This has been painted in a shade called Carved Stone, according to the hundreds of blogs, interiors magazines, Instagram posts etc etc that I read on a daily basis, neutrals are the next big thing – which should come as welcome news to the people who never even knew they were out of fashion 😀 I added some abstract stencils to the drawers and quirky knobs with beetles on them – just because I can 😉

Gold Leaf Wardrobe and Chest of Drawers

A Willis & Gambier bow fronted chest of drawers that we have upcycled with an analgypta wallpaper, which we painted in a deep umber shade and then applied gold leaf to the raised design. The chest was incredibly good quality (as I believe Willis & Gambier pieces usually are) but the finish was a bit meh, so we went all out to give it some pzazz. We were so impressed with the end result we decided to do the same to a petite 1930s wardrobe, so although they are from totally different eras they could easily be mistaken for a pair, as my mother would have said ‘a man on a galloping horse would be glad to see it’ – don’t even ask… 😀

Concrete Console

Concrete Console

Console table. This has been painted in a ‘concrete effect’ paint and if I’m honest it nearly broke me 😀 I *think* possibly because it was designed for walls, which are obviously bigger surface areas. Either that or I should have given up with the paintbrush and used a trowel…I’m happy to say it looks amazing now though, a unique, one of a kind piece (I can categorically state I won’t be producing another any time soon) and the lime-washed wood on the top and drawers is the icing on the cake.

Chinese Motif Display Cabinet

Edwardian display cabinet with added Geisha girls. The back of this petite cabinet has been covered with a vintage Jonelle fabric featuring Japanese scenes and lovely ladies 😉 The door was in great condition, sadly the rest of it not so much, so after the necessary repairs I painted it in a complimentary shade of blue, rather confusingly called Smalt Grey…

Ombre and Bunny Chest of Drawers

Ombre and Bunny Chest of Drawers

Vintage chest of drawers with an ombre paint finish , in shades of white and French Linen. I have tried to give this a more random and ‘artistic’ finish, which is not a euphemism for I didn’t know what I was doing, promise! 😉 Last but not least we added bunny knobs, and everyone loves a bunny right?

Leaving the Courtyard

Antiquechic is leaving the building…

After over 20 years (although I may have had some time off for good behaviour 😉 ) of working and/or renting space in the Courtyard, we are moving. Don’t despair though we will still be slaving away in our workshop and our unique Antiquechic creations will be available to purchase online, with free delivery in the local area. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our website to keep up with the latest developments. In the meantime we are having a sale and you have until Saturday 1st June to grab yourself a bargain, so form an orderly queue the shop opens at 10am 😀

Retro Star Chair

A restored vintage chair, which I may have added a star or two to. It’s a bit of a compulsion at the moment, Colin has to keep on the move in the workshop in case he ends up with one stencilled on his forehead 😉

Found Chair

Antiquechic international rescue strikes again, when I spotted this abandoned chair I put my Thunderbirds outfit on and got to work… I think I may be losing it, I blame the paint fumes 😀