Carved Victorian Flower Dresser

What to say about this Victorian carved dresser? Other than what a beauty! The more we worked on this, the more convinced we became that someone created this by hand, upcycling from other pieces, who said it was just a fad? 😀 Now we have added our own contribution to it’s story… I hope we have done it justice.

Edwardian Corner Wardrobe

You have no idea how hard this lovely mirrored Edwardian corner cupboard/wardrobe was to photograph! The Antiquechic ‘studio’ is actually a work of sorcery, involving a lot of smoke and mirrors, and some genius editing from our photographic department… and doors, we are big on doors of every shape and size 😀 Creating a corner was tricky enough, but getting a reflection that didn’t involve some pretty ugly walls , and a whole lot of power tools, took some real ingenuity. Still we think it was worth the effort, well we do now, maybe not so much at the time 😉

Arts & Crafts Chairs with William Morris Fabric

Regular visitors to the Antiquechic website will know I have a bit of a thing about all things Arts & Crafts, and these chairs are no exception. Sadly the original oak patina proved to be beyond saving, so I painted them in a mid grey and finished them with dark wax, to compliment the William Morris Snakeshead fabric in pewter/gold. I think they look incredibly smart, so I’m happy 🙂

Tree Stencilled Table with Chair

This neat little Edwardian table also appealed because it could be an ideal place to work, if space isn’t plentiful. It’s big enough for a laptop and some paperwork, or it would be perfect for crafts, but it’s pretty enough to be a decorative item too. If you check out the more detailed pictures in our online shop, you will see that I have stencilled a tree design (in the same shade of olive green as the legs) on the top – unfortunately unless we suspended Colin from the ceiling, it wasn’t possible to get a photo that included everything 😀 The chair is of a similar age and we thought it went rather well, so I painted it to match.

Antiqued Victorian Sideboard

Antiquechic to the rescue again, this time it was a Victorian mahogany chiffonier base in distress. At various stages of it’s transformation it may not have been the only one! It required a lot of TLC, and then came the tricky decision of how to upcycle it. It made sense to celebrate it’s age and varied history, rather than fight it, which is when we had the idea of decoupaging the doors with layers of wallpaper, rather like an old wall where the paper had peeled away to reveal the one beneath. I then blended several different shades of green and neutral paint to build up the finish, again mimicking a piece that has been painted many times over the years. To borrow a phrase, it’s now ‘perfectly imperfect’ 🙂

Decoupaged Desk

As we approach the eleventy thousandth day of lockdown, I have found myself drawn to anything that looks like a space saving, multi functional item of furniture that you could work from home on. This compact little reproduction desk ticks all the boxes, the drawer pulls out to become a table for your keyboard, and there is a sliding shelf underneath. We decoupaged the drawer with some marbled paper, and I have spent hours ‘restoring’ the leather scriver on the top, to give it an aged antique appearance. Which sounds a bit mad when I read that back, but the idea was to create something that is as decorative as it is useful… and confinement will do that to a person 😀

Victorian Breakfast Table

Happy new year! I know it’s a bit late, but it’s taken a while to kick start ourselves after an extended break. We didn’t abandoned the workshop entirely though so brace yourselves, because we have some new stock at last 🙂 This Victorian mahogany veneer breakfast table had seen better days if I’m honest, so restoring it to it’s original grandeur wasn’t going to be an option. We decided to give it a new more rustic persona, which involved a lot of sanding, and many layers of paint. I think it has an almost French country/Gustavian look about it now, but that might just be because my brain has been addled by paint fumes 😉

Grey Washed Sideboard

A rustic weathered sideboard with an identity problem, it thinks it’s a European antique, but I suspect it is actually from India or the Far East 😀 The wood is definitely hardwood and it is certainly a very solid piece! I have given it a shaded grey and white makeover, and added a mix of delicately carved knobs and rustic handles just to add to the confusion. I like to mix things up a bit…

William Morris Bergere Sofa

Antiquechic furniture rescue is back in action 😉 For some reason no one else wanted this amazing vintage bergere sofa, and I couldn’t let it end up in landfill! I have washed all the removable covers and steam cleaned the rest of the upholstery. We also sanded back the arms and waxed them. It has some sun damage (fading) to the beautiful, original William Morris fabric, but I think that adds to it’s charm. There are also two very small holes in the rattan, which I didn’t even notice when we bought it, all shown in the more detailed product pictures in our shop. Considering it’s age it is in remarkable condition, and I have thoroughly road tested it, so I can can confirm it’s still very comfortable 😀 Also how good do these Biggie Best cushions look? They could have been made for it!