Golden Key Chest of Drawers

Full disclosure – we bought this before the lockdown and when we returned to collect it nearly three months later, I was adamant this couldn’t be the right chest of drawers 😀 In my defence it needed a lot of vision to see past the awful white gloss paint covering it, and I was obviously out of practice! Fortunately by the time it reached the workshop I’d got my mojo (and my memory) back and could see the potential, a mere 5 hours sanding and stripping revealed it’s mid century credentials once more. Speaking of which it has ‘Golden Key’ stamped on every drawer, which I had never heard of, however Google is my friend 😉 so I can tell you that it was made by Palatial Furniture who manufactured (mostly) bedroom furniture from the 50s until the 80s, if I had to make a guess I would place this chest somewhere in the middle.

Flora and Fauna Cupboard

This early 20th century wardrobe has been on a bit of an adventure since we bought it. Initially I was thinking of a larder cupboard and started painting it a sensible colour and pondering ways to make it more ‘kitcheny’, including adding shelves. I rummaged through the stencil store for inspiration and voila! This was the one that ‘spoke’ to me – not very ‘kitcheny’ though 😉 At various points in the process I was wishing it had either shut up or I had gone deaf, but it’s always worth it in the end 😀 So it has become a cupboard of delights, complete with shelves and blackboard doors inside, and decorated with exotic blooms and birds on the outside, what more could you want?

Carved Oak Sideboard

Victorian oak sideboard, affectionately (OK mostly affectionately) named Beauty and the Beast 😀 Anyone who has seen the somewhat battered ‘before’ picture we posted on social media, will know why we were calling it the beast! Hopefully the ‘after’ pictures show its true beauty, we couldn’t be more pleased with the transformation…

Wicker Topped Bench

A wicker bench with black metal hairpin legs, which we have done precisely nothing to, other than a quick wipe down with a damp cloth! This is a new item that we bought a while ago, and much as we love what we do, sometimes it’s nice not to have to do anything 😀

Smokey Green Dresser

A rustic pine dresser painted in a Crown Period Emulsion shade called ‘steam engine’. We are not entirely sure why, as we can’t recall ever seeing one in this particular shade of green – not that we are in any way experts in steam locomotion I must admit. It is a very attractive green though, and we think it compliments the refinished top and drawers, with their rustic iron door handles perfectly 🙂

Walnut Veneer Bureau

We love a good bureau here at Antiquechic, and they don’t come much better than this 🙂 Beautiful burr walnut veneer, which we painstakingly restored on the top and drawers – it’s often a bit tricky, but this one was particularly challenging! With a custom mixed deep green paint finish on the body. A handsome bit of furniture if ever I saw one…

Into the Black Bookcase

No new furniture collection would be complete without a bit of upcycled Ducal 😉 This must have been part of a very successful range from the 80s/90s I’m guessing, and having worked on a number of these pieces we can totally see why. They are always well made and, after a bit of updating, they fit right in to any interior. We’ve gone for classic black and (in this case) stone/off white interior, always a winner!

Rustic Floral Cupboard

This is a very substantial cupboard, and anyone who is familiar with us will know what that means, hernias all round 😀 It started life as a TV cabinet but after the addition of a new back, a shelf and rehanging the doors (so not much work then 😉 ) it has become a much more versatile piece of furniture. Although it’s quite a classical style I decided to go with a more rustic paint finish, I know I’m such a rebel… either that or I’m bonkers, you decide.

Art Deco Style Chest

We don’t do ‘before and after’ pictures, but occasionally I wish we had kept a record and this would be one of those times. This 1930s chest was a bit of an ugly duckling, a disastrous paint job and years of use had taken it’s toll, so we decided to give it a bit of Art Deco style bling. It got a coat of duck egg paint and some fabulous wallpaper, I even found some original 30s knobs and sprayed them black and gilded them. From drab to fab, it’s fit for a Hollywood screen test now 😀

Arts and Crafts Dresser

We’re back! Did you miss us? 😀 For those who have been kind enough to enquire, sorry it’s taken a bit longer than we anticipated to get back online, we must have got a bit rusty in isolation! Here we have a beautiful example of Arts & Crafts design, which is a particular favourite of mine. We sanded the oak top and shelves, painted the rest in Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue and added some rams head knobs which somehow seemed appropriate – I was obviously channelling my inner William Morris 😉