Botanical and Monkey Chair

Spot the monkey! He’s lurking amongst all the foliage on this rather gorgeous ornate Victorian chair. It used to live in my bedroom but I had a declutter, let’s face it the less surfaces available to throw clothes on the better 😀 We gave it a makeover, painting it black and reupholstering it with this jungle inspired fabric – I think I want it back now…

Antique Pine Linen Press

An antique painted pine linen press, or at least that’s what we thought it was when we bought it. However it must have been owned by a very security conscious Victorian, not only is there a lock on the cupboard, but also on both drawers! Clearly the fear that the scullery maid might be tempted to nick the napkins was real 😀 Check out the shop listing to see the fabulous haberdashery drawers inside, it seems a shame to lock them away…

Oak Arts and Crafts Chair

Another mission completed at Arts & Crafts restoration central 😀 We just can’t resist these pieces and this one is a beauty, check out the back in the photos in our shop listing. The golden oak has been lovingly brought back to life, and it was recovered in William Morris fabric – of course!


A pair of rustic bedsides, another commission completed… we even painted the wrought iron handles to match the plug sockets in the bedroom, now that’s what you call attention to detail 😀

Flower Cupboard

A lovely cupboard for a lovely couple 🙂 Just delivered this commission today, it will be adding some flower power to the bathroom in their new home.

Floral Cupboard

A useful cupboard for putting things in. Pretty isn’t it? I’ve been painting a table and six chairs all day, so that’s about as eloquent as I get tonight I’m afraid. I couldn’t remember the word for can (as of drink) just now, but fortunately I had no problems with GIN 😀

Re-Upholstered Antique Oak Chair

Hands up if you love this tile print velvet fabric as much as I do! This antique oak chair was the perfect project, although I’d happily cover everything in it given the chance… I’m itching to use it again so watch this space 😉

Rustic Stencilled Dressing Chest

This Arts & Crafts style oak dressing chest was looking a bit forlorn when we acquired it. Regular readers of my posts (patient people who I deeply appreciate I promise!) will know that I love these pieces though, and do my best to rescue them wherever possible. So this one is celebrating it’s rustic charm with chippy paint, exposed oak and stencilling. A definite plus is the foxed mirror which always makes you look radiant, even first thing in the morning, I don’t know why it isn’t more widely used 😉

Gilded Bow fronted Chest of Drawers

Perfectly proportioned bow fronted chest of drawers with a hint of bling… I painted this in a deep olive green thinking I would perhaps layer some other colours over it, but it looked so good I changed my mind (a not uncommon occurrence 😀 ) and added some crazy gold peacock knobs instead. The piece de resistance was some gilding wax to subtly (I hope!) highlight the details 🙂