Mixed Media Chest of Drawers

Another unique piece from Antiquechic, with a marbled paint effect, exposed original wood and some blingtastic arty stuff going on with the bottom drawer. What more could you want? Well here at furniture wrangling central we LOVE a good wheel, we just wish more pieces came with them, so this is pretty perfect in every way 😉

Carved Oak Trunk

Carved oak Victorian trunk that rather unusually has a drop down front, instead of a lift up lid, so perfect for a TV. I have used a balayage/ombre effect to highlight all that fantastic detailing… I’m really not sure I want to sell this one, I need a bigger house 😀

Sunshine Yellow Victorian Chest of Drawers

Okay so the weather is horrendous, and bears no resemblance to spring as we know it, but you can bring some sunshine into your life with this decoupaged Victorian chest of drawers. Painstakingly – or should that be painfully? 😀 restored and given a sunny makeover guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits.

Allium Stencilled Chest of Drawers

We’re all about the Victorian furniture rescues at the moment. This mahogany chest of drawers has had a bit of country house makeover, we restored the drawers and added some stencilling featuring alliums and butterflies. Classic with a twist 😉

Ornate Corner Cupboard

We finally managed to do this gorgeous Victorian corner cupboard justice, after a bit of set building to create a corner in the workshop 😉 The previous pictures we took didn’t highlight quite how lush it is IMHO. Corner cupboards fell out of favour for a while, but I never understood why, they are brilliant for tight spaces, especially when they look as good as this one! So I just kept on buying them, I’m stubborn like that 😀

Blue Chinoiserie Chest of Drawers

This Victorian mahogany chest of drawers has been painted in a duck egg blue and given a chinoiserie style makeover, complete with silver bird handles. It’s very capacious (now there’s a word you don’t see often enough these days) 😀 I have more clothes than the costume department at Covent Garden Opera House, but even I would struggle to fill this bad boy up!

Blue Bee Washstand

Beautiful blue bee wash stand – try saying that repeatedly after a few shandies! Painted in a deep blue with copper bee stencils and knobs, I think this Victorian washstand would look at home pretty much anywhere, it could even be used as a desk – it worked for me when I tried it, mind you I am a bit vertically challenged 😉

Green Victorian Cowslip Cupboard

We’ve been a bit busy doing commissions, so apologies for the lack of posts lately, but we’re back with a belter 🙂 We painted this Victorian cupboard in a custom mix green paint, after adding bead board paper to the doors, and finished it with my trusty cowslip stencil. Sadly this stencil is past it’s best, I think it’s about ten years old and I spent so much time sticking it back together and retouching the design, I could probably have hand painted something quicker 😀 I still love it though…