A pair of rustic bedsides, another commission completed… we even painted the wrought iron handles to match the plug sockets in the bedroom, now that’s what you call attention to detail 😀

Flower Cupboard

A lovely cupboard for a lovely couple 🙂 Just delivered this commission today, it will be adding some flower power to the bathroom in their new home.

Floral Cupboard

A useful cupboard for putting things in. Pretty isn’t it? I’ve been painting a table and six chairs all day, so that’s about as eloquent as I get tonight I’m afraid. I couldn’t remember the word for can (as of drink) just now, but fortunately I had no problems with GIN 😀

Re-Upholstered Antique Oak Chair

Hands up if you love this tile print velvet fabric as much as I do! This antique oak chair was the perfect project, although I’d happily cover everything in it given the chance… I’m itching to use it again so watch this space 😉

Rustic Stencilled Dressing Chest

This Arts & Crafts style oak dressing chest was looking a bit forlorn when we acquired it. Regular readers of my posts (patient people who I deeply appreciate I promise!) will know that I love these pieces though, and do my best to rescue them wherever possible. So this one is celebrating it’s rustic charm with chippy paint, exposed oak and stencilling. A definite plus is the foxed mirror which always makes you look radiant, even first thing in the morning, I don’t know why it isn’t more widely used 😉

Gilded Bow fronted Chest of Drawers

Perfectly proportioned bow fronted chest of drawers with a hint of bling… I painted this in a deep olive green thinking I would perhaps layer some other colours over it, but it looked so good I changed my mind (a not uncommon occurrence 😀 ) and added some crazy gold peacock knobs instead. The piece de resistance was some gilding wax to subtly (I hope!) highlight the details 🙂

Wicker Star Chair

We bought this to accompany the Victorian table, but it’s not obligatory 😉 I ’embroidered’ the rattan seat with wool in a star design, it’s a similar process to the sewing we did in reception class back in the day, only with more brute force and swearing involved 😀

Victorian Slimline Desk

How versatile is this Victorian piece? I have dressed it as a desk, but it could just as easily be a side table, a console table or a dressing table, any more suggested uses most welcome 😀

Mustard Drinks Trolley

I was having a moment when deciding the fate of this vintage oak two tier table, I threw caution to the winds and painted it mustard yellow, with a star tile stencil in graphite on the top and shelf. I was channelling cocktails and G&Ts in the garden, as you can see from the styling, which makes a change from consuming them I suppose 😀