Seahorse Washstand

Painted Victorian washstand/vanity unit. This has been given a weathered white paint finish and some silver gilding – just for a change. I thought since it would be perfect for some additional bathroom storage, silver leaf would be the ideal partner for chrome bathroom fittings (a little insight into how my mind works… not too much as it can get a bit scary 😀 ) To complete the look I added some seahorse stencils on the doors…

Gilded Arts & Crafts Wardrobe

This Arts & Crafts wardrobe has been painted in a deep charcoal grey and given some bling to highlight the original carving and handles. It’s glitter central at the workshop at the moment, even the table saw has acquired a decidedly festive appearance 😀

Blue Bird Chest

This chest is all about the knobs 😉 It has been painted in shades of blue to reflect the colours in the birds’ plumage… I’ve been waiting for the right piece to use these gorgeous knobs on for a while now, and this Indian hardwood chest fits the bill perfectly (see what I did there? Birds, bill, or am I stretching it too far? 😀 )

Large Tin Trunk

One of two vintage tin trunks that took years off my life, and most of the skin off my hands… 😀 They were in a pretty sorry state but much scrubbing revealed this amazing original finish and much waxing finished them off a treat.

Star Cupboard and Tin Trunk

Super cute vintage pine cupboard that has been given the Gerry star treatment 😉 This has been sanded and part painted in navy blue, the rest was left in the original pine. The tin trunk (one of two) was a labour of love, although the amount of swearing that went on while I was scrubbing off the dirt and rust of ages, and then applying coat after coat of wax might have suggested otherwise… 😀 It has a matching (original) star on the top.

Blue Dresser

Painted vintage pine dresser in dark blue. The top and drawers have been sanded and waxed, it has new knobs and it’s all dressed up and ready to go to a new home… 🙂

Aztec Stencilled Cabinet

Vintage Ducal four drawer cabinet. This was originally designed as a filing cabinet and has lockable drawers (it comes with four keys) they are now just standard drawers – but very handy if you want to keep your pants under lock and key 😉 It has been sanded, stained and dark waxed, with an Aztec/tribal stencilled decoration on two of the drawers.

Chest of Drawers with Chair

Vintage chest of drawers with (new) velvet armchair. I had all sorts of plans for this chest, but after Colin had added the hairpin legs and sanded off all the nasty brown varnish, I realised that it didn’t need anything more than a few coats of wax…it’s perfect as it is 🙂

Gold Leaf Dressing Table

Victorian dressing table, painted in charcoal grey with added gold leaf details. Every single time I use this stuff I end up looking like Tinkerbell, and the workshop looks like there’s been an explosion in a glitter factory 😀 If anyone has any top tips on how to avoid this, they will be very gratefully received…

Carved Antique Corner Cupboard

Beautifully carved oak Victorian gothic style corner cupboard. This has been painted in black and heavily distressed to accentuate the intricate carving and reveal the original oak. You really don’t see many pieces like this any more…