Multi Drawer Chest

In over twenty years of furniture buying I have never seen one of these before, so naturally we had to have it! It’s like a cross between a early 20th century sideboard, a multi drawer chest and an Indian cupboard. So after much deliberation I decided to paint it in a deep green and add stars and numbers to the drawers, for no reason other than I thought it would look good πŸ˜‰ I do hope you agree.

Edwardian Armchairs

A pair of matching Edwardian armchairs, which are a more unusual find than you might think, in my experience. The carved frames have been painted in a deep grey/brown shade that I mixed to contrast with the design on the lovely Romo designer fabric that we chose to reupholster them in. I think these look good enough to grace a stately home but if you don’t happen to have one of those, I think they would look pretty classy wherever they go… πŸ˜€

Ombre Chest of Drawers

Vintage chest of drawers with an ombre paint finish , in shades of white and French Linen. I have tried to give this a more random and β€˜artistic’ finish, which is not a euphemism for I didn’t know what I was doing, promise! πŸ˜‰ Last but not least we added bunny knobs, and everyone loves a bunny right?

Rustic Oak Chest of Drawers

A vintage oak chest of drawers that has lived a varied life, it’s been painted, then stripped back, and varnished in a dark stain and that’s before we even got our hands on it! We have taken it back to the original wood and finished it with a neutral wax to keep the lovely golden oak colouring. We also added an allium stencilled design to the front and sides, and new knobs to the drawers. It’s all ready for it’s next adventure πŸ˜‰

Pentland Console

Rustic oak console table, the drawers and top have been restored and waxed for protection, the rest has been painted in a base coat of deep umber and a layered top coat in Pentland by Craig and Rose. Last but not least we added cast iron cup handles. A sleek and stylish addition to any room in the house… get me sounding all like a furniture sales person – oh wait πŸ˜€

Black Bureau Bookcase

Another case for international furniture rescue, this early 20th century bureau bookcase was in need of a lot of TLC… I think it was worth all the effort though, in fact it looks pretty amazing now IMHO. I seem to be suffering from a surfeit of abbreviations, it’s been a long week πŸ™‚

Black Stripe Dining Table

This refectory table comes with a go faster stripe πŸ˜‰ Having painted the base black and restored the pine top, I decided it needed some additional Je ne sais quoi – bet you didn’t know I spoke fluent Franglais πŸ˜€

Mixed Media Chest of Drawers

Thinking of changing our name to the Furniture Emergency Service as we have had a couple of challenging projects this week! This vintage chest was a classic example of upcycling gone bad, sanded to within an inch of it’s life and coated in a sickly mix of yellow varnish on the top and drawers and a suggestion of dirty white paint on the rest. I find it hard to walk away from these sad pieces because I know that no one else is mad enough to buy them!!! I hope I have manged to do it justice at last, it has been treated to some fancy finishes and given a bit of the obligatory bling – just call me Gerry Goldfinger πŸ˜€

Seahorse Washstand

Painted Victorian washstand/vanity unit. This has been given a weathered white paint finish and some silver gilding – just for a change. I thought since it would be perfect for some additional bathroom storage, silver leaf would be the ideal partner for chrome bathroom fittings (a little insight into how my mind works… not too much as it can get a bit scary πŸ˜€ ) To complete the look I added some seahorse stencils on the doors…

Gilded Arts & Crafts Wardrobe

This Arts & Crafts wardrobe has been painted in a deep charcoal grey and given some bling to highlight the original carving and handles. It’s glitter central at the workshop at the moment, even the table saw has acquired a decidedly festive appearance πŸ˜€