Ornate Corner Cupboard

We finally managed to do this gorgeous Victorian corner cupboard justice, after a bit of set building to create a corner in the workshop 😉 The previous pictures we took didn’t highlight quite how lush it is IMHO. Corner cupboards fell out of favour for a while, but I never understood why, they are brilliant for tight spaces, especially when they look as good as this one! So I just kept on buying them, I’m stubborn like that 😀

Blue Chinoiserie Chest of Drawers

This Victorian mahogany chest of drawers has been painted in a duck egg blue and given a chinoiserie style makeover, complete with silver bird handles. It’s very capacious (now there’s a word you don’t see often enough these days) 😀 I have more clothes than the costume department at Covent Garden Opera House, but even I would struggle to fill this bad boy up!

Blue Bee Washstand

Beautiful blue bee wash stand – try saying that repeatedly after a few shandies! Painted in a deep blue with copper bee stencils and knobs, I think this Victorian washstand would look at home pretty much anywhere, it could even be used as a desk – it worked for me when I tried it, mind you I am a bit vertically challenged 😉

Green Victorian Cowslip Cupboard

We’ve been a bit busy doing commissions, so apologies for the lack of posts lately, but we’re back with a belter 🙂 We painted this Victorian cupboard in a custom mix green paint, after adding bead board paper to the doors, and finished it with my trusty cowslip stencil. Sadly this stencil is past it’s best, I think it’s about ten years old and I spent so much time sticking it back together and retouching the design, I could probably have hand painted something quicker 😀 I still love it though…

Carved Victorian Flower Dresser

What to say about this Victorian carved dresser? Other than what a beauty! The more we worked on this, the more convinced we became that someone created this by hand, upcycling from other pieces, who said it was just a fad? 😀 Now we have added our own contribution to it’s story… I hope we have done it justice.

Edwardian Corner Wardrobe

You have no idea how hard this lovely mirrored Edwardian corner cupboard/wardrobe was to photograph! The Antiquechic ‘studio’ is actually a work of sorcery, involving a lot of smoke and mirrors, and some genius editing from our photographic department… and doors, we are big on doors of every shape and size 😀 Creating a corner was tricky enough, but getting a reflection that didn’t involve some pretty ugly walls , and a whole lot of power tools, took some real ingenuity. Still we think it was worth the effort, well we do now, maybe not so much at the time 😉

Arts & Crafts Chairs with William Morris Fabric

Regular visitors to the Antiquechic website will know I have a bit of a thing about all things Arts & Crafts, and these chairs are no exception. Sadly the original oak patina proved to be beyond saving, so I painted them in a mid grey and finished them with dark wax, to compliment the William Morris Snakeshead fabric in pewter/gold. I think they look incredibly smart, so I’m happy 🙂

Tree Stencilled Table with Chair

This neat little Edwardian table also appealed because it could be an ideal place to work, if space isn’t plentiful. It’s big enough for a laptop and some paperwork, or it would be perfect for crafts, but it’s pretty enough to be a decorative item too. If you check out the more detailed pictures in our online shop, you will see that I have stencilled a tree design (in the same shade of olive green as the legs) on the top – unfortunately unless we suspended Colin from the ceiling, it wasn’t possible to get a photo that included everything 😀 The chair is of a similar age and we thought it went rather well, so I painted it to match.